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Barossa Shiraz Reserve

This Waitrose Barossa Shiraz is produced in partnership with St Hallett Winery in Barossa, Australia. Barossa is a brand itself for top-notch Shiraz wines and this wine is a true example of quality, ripe fruit flavours, oakiness (French oak!), and typical but very smooth and pleasant chocolate and vanilla notes. Complexity and structure is here and we believe that you are getting yourself the best deal for such an amazing quality!

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This Reserve Shiraz is not super heavy and its fruitiness can be matched to lighter meals like roasted figs and goats cheese salad, drizzled with pine nuts. Though of course please try it with a meaty dish - this versatile wine would be a great match with grilled meat and you should definitely try it with with lamb chops (bit pinky lamb meat would be distinctive and tender and work it magic with this wine).
Region:Barossa Valley
Grape variety:shiraz
Price range:£9.99 - £9.99
Colour intensity:deep
Producer:St Hallett Wines in partnership with Waitrose
Nose aroma:Raspberry and blackberry notes, velvety hints
Palate flavour:Raspberry and blackberry, hints of chocolate and vanilla, smooth and velvety texture
Length of finish:long
Conclusion quality:Very good


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