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Food and Wine Challenge 8: a red on its own

We are transported to a magical place of enjoyment and relaxation...

No it is not a yoga session or a meditation, it is our new wine discovery.


First things first - have you ever asked yourself what to drink if you are not hungry at all, but want a glass (or two) of some gorgeous red? We all know that you'd better have some food with your wine, don't we? Acidity is not great to your stomach, and wine is elevated by food, but still..


Our best choice (especially for the colder nights, tucking in cozy in your armchair) was always Barossa Shiraz. It still is, you can check some really good vintage Shiraz at Waitrose as they do it in partnership with a few top vineyards in Barossa.


Yet we would like you to try Apothic.Red by Apothic Wines, which is a winemaker's blend of Zinfandel, Merlot, Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon.


To say the truth we were very sceptical about it, but decided to try it. It was more than a nice surprise - you can expect smoothness and richness, complexity and chocolatey indulgence. It is a dry red, almost a heavy powerhouse, but can serve as your best 'on-its-own' wine. It is that gorgeous.


Try it and order at Waitrose Cellar!

27 Sep 2014

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