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Marques de Vega Solana Crianza 2006

This wine from La Mancha, Spain is coming from central part and you can tell that surprisingly it is still very fresh, full of strawberry and vanilla flavours. We hoped for stronger oak flavours (2006 after all!), but this wine has pronounced and youthful strawberry flavours we immediately thought of Wimbledon! Gosh this wine can be good and refreshing without being too heavy! Pleasant strawberry and vanilla sensations.

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This is a bargain for its price (it is i inexpensive category)- we know why- you won't feel oak, but really young 'joven' strawberry flavours. Though we think you should stick to fruity starters, cured meats and probably can try veal or pork (think rather herbal sauce or the sweet and spicy apple one). It is lighter style from what you can expect so do not overpower it with the food!
Region:La Mancha
Grape variety:tempranillo
Price range:£6 - £8
Colour intensity:medium
Nose aroma:pronounced strawberry, oak, vanilla, other red fruit
Palate flavour:ripe strawberries and vanilla, hints of oak and redcurrant
Length of finish:medium
Conclusion quality:Good


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